2008 has been pretty crazy. I was able to print up a bunch of DVDs and posters and give them out to all sorts of people all over the world. BRUNO traveled to a couple foreign countries and I got to tag along. Canal + (the French HBO) will be showing the film in 2009 at some point,, but for the most part my festival run has pretty much come to an end. Hopefully, I'll be moving on to something new very soon.

Mainly, I'm peepin in here to remind anyone who might be strolling by that I still have TONS OF DVDs tp give away, and I am still sending them all over the world for absolutely FREE. Please do not be shy. Email me with your address, and I'll put a DVD in the mail tomorrow. No joke. Do it now!

Thanks to the many strangers who've sent me their good words. 2008 has been very fun, and I very much appreciate the feedback. Check back every now and then for updates on my future doings.



Last month, BRUNO screened at the prestigious Clermont-Ferrand International Film Festival in France! Fortunately, I was able to find a way to attend and MAN, did I have an AMAZING TIME! Little did I know that the French have a SERIOUS Je'Taime for movies. "Bruno" had a screening almost every day of the festival and each time to sold out crowds in HUGE beautiful movie palaces. Not many people there speak English so they put French subtitles on the dialogue and even gave me a translator when I did a small "press conferenece." I was pretty nervous about some of the pop culture references making it through translation, but I must've mis-judged the wide distribution of "Full House" and "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" abroad. Even a joke about Danny Tanner got some laughs!

Meanwhile, at the end of March, BRUNO will travel again, this time to Quebec City (in Canada) for the Festival de Cinéma des 3 Amériques. I will again be going up there to represent the film and eat all sorts of delicious free food. AND, in April, BRUNO will show at the Indie Lisboa Film Festival in Lisboa, Portugal. I'll probably be attending that as well.

So, it's looking like 2008 is going to be a super international year for BRUNO and DVDs are STILL AVAILABLE as well as POSTERS. They are both free!! So, email me if you want one and include your address. I've got several boxes cluttering up my room and I want to get rid of them.



It may sound unbelievable, but that day has finally come: BRUNO is FINALLY on DVD!!! And is 100% FREE!

Jam packed with special features, bonus shorts, factoids, easter eggs, and the full whopping, IN STEREO, 34-minute "Bruno." Not to mention the beautiful full color packaging, finished in UV matte Digi-Pack, I've got 1,000 + DVDs to give away and I am NOT BY ANY MEANS being stingy. Seriously, I've got so many discs that if I laid them side by side they'd wrap around the Earth at least 30 times!

Even if you were lucky enough to see the film in a theater, I'd very much recommend picking up a disc today. Literally, the things are at 99% capacity. Filled to the brim with video and audio of all sorts. See the four short films that led up to the creation of "Bruno," production stills and footage of the cast and crew in action, full clips from "Family Matters" & "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," deleted
scenes, bloopers, war stories, roll outs, and much much more.

Please send me an email, include your address and I'll send you a disc today. Did I mention that they're free?! Get one today!


Tickets are now available for the "Bruno" screening at the Dances With Films Film Festival. Click here for a schedule that will direct you towards online ticket purchasing. "Bruno" is showing on July 8th @ 5:00pm in the Competition Shorts Group #4.


BRUNO has been accepted into the Dances With Films Film Festival! The official screening will take place on SUNDAY July 8th @ 5:00pm. Stay tuned for more details.


It's been a crazy crazy month for BRUNO.

Starting with our premiere in April (which went AWESOME, we sold out the theatre! thanks to everyone who came down to show their support), BRUNO went on to win some awards at the NYU First Run Film Festival ("Commendation in Direction," "Commendation in Cinematography"), and played last weekend at the Maryland Film Festival in Baltimore.

I've got posters and some screener DVDs, but - stop right there - you can't have any DVDs because the official DVD release won't be for a month or two. Still, if you really really really want to see the film and you reallllllly can't wait, shoot me an email and I'll see what I can do. Posters ... well I've got 500 posters, so I'm kind of giving them away as fast as I can.

The website will be getting some readjustments in the next couple of days, so continue to check in and apologies for the broken links! We can only hope that BRUNO will be playing in a city near you, soon.


what, where, & when???


East 3rd Street between Avenues A and B - New York, NY

The film runs 34 minutes long and I might make a little speech beforehand so expect to be out of there by 6:30 at the latest. It's also 100% free.

Additionally, "BRUNO" will be showing at the NYU First Run Film Festival on April 15th @ 6:30 PM, BUT it will be a much shorter version of the film (30 minutes) that I do not put my stamp of approval on and I would HIGHLY recommend coming to see the Pioneer screening instead. HIGHLY recommend. IN FACT, if you come to the Pioneer screening I will give you a FREE POSTER of the film. YES, A FREE POSTER!

To all of those who've helped see this film to completion, I cannot thank you enough. It has been the most insanely life devoting task I've ever taken on, and would not have been nearly at all possible without the help of literally hundreds of people.

SO, be THERE or BE SQUARE. And come to the Pioneer screening and get a hug and a free poster.



After many months of delays, re-shoots, tweaking, re-tweaking, cutting, polishing, and obsessively perfecting, I finally can say that there's nothing really left for me to do. And that, as of just yesterday, I have finally stopped editing, and handed "Bruno" over to Morgwn Jones, our skilled and talented sound designer.

Hopefully, by the end of February or the beginning of March, I'll finally be able to say that the sound design is finished, and the film is complete.

To all those patiently waiting: thank you and apologies for the long delay. Mark your calenders because we are very very very close.


Editing has finally begun! After much delay, I can now say that Bruno is in post. Every day it looks more and more like a spring release.

And guess what? Even better: the first "Bruno" teaser trailer is up! Check it out:



"Bruno" gets its first write up! Check it out:




After several months of fundraising and half a year of pre-production, Bruno went into its summer produciton last week and wrapped successfully without missing a scene or a shot. The film is now officially 95% in the can!

It looked like it was going to be bad when the forecast said rain everyday, but somehow we were able to avoid and wait it out.

CLICK HERE for production stills.

I plan on having a rough cut in about 4 months and a final cut with sound design by December or January.

A big THANKS goes to my awesome crew and all of my donars for making this summer production a reality. Without you there wouldn't be any news at all.

Funds are stilll low and donations are still being requested. There's a long and hard post-production period ahead, but its nice to be able to sit back and breathe for a little bit and not have to worry about shooting. We've shot, we're half way there.

Stay tunned for more info regarding possible grants and updates to the BIOS section!


Come to the VBAR & CAFE on Tuesday, May 10th anytime between 6pm and 12pm to be part of the VBAR BRUNO FUNDRAISER! There are going to be raffles with lots of prizes and free food! You can pick up a prospectus, copies of my previous films on DVD, or ask me anything about the progress of the film. James Gannon (production designer) will be bartending. Good times should be had by all.

The VBAR & CAFE is at 225 Sullivan St. between 3rd and Bleeker. It is a block and a half to Washington Square Park and very close to the A,C,E,B,D,F and V trains at the West 4th St. subway stop. For more information please call #212.253.5740


The winter shoot is wrapped and 60% of the movie is in the can! Big thanks go out to Mother Goetz for the delicious craft service and everyone else on the crew for an amazing week and a half.

Click here for production stills by James P. Gannon.

Currently, we are fundraising like crazy for the summer shoot, which is only a month away. Donations are beginning to come in, thanks to everyone who is giving support!

We are also casting for AUNT SARAH and AMANDA. Anybody come to mind? Email me!


The Bruno website is up! I taught myself dreamweaver overnight and what you are reading right now is the result. Please send me any comments as this is the first website that I've ever made.